Teledex Hotel Phones




Teledex brand hotel telephones are designed and developed in the Americas, Europe and China specifically for hospitality applications and are available in 7 different phone design families and more than 50 model options.

Fresh design. USB charging.

We started developing the D-Series with a fresh new contemporary design, rugged, ergonomic, open handset and USB charging ports for a guest smart device...[Read More]

This is the phone that started it all. In fact, more hotels use Teledex Diamond Series hotel phones than any other hotel room phone...[Read More]

World's most popular hotel phone.

New! E Series USB

Amazingly large in features, yet surprisingly small in size. Teledex E-Series hotel phones are 40% smaller than standard guest phones, opening up a whole new category...[Read More]

Teledex I Series (formerly Teledex iPhone®) is the original small footprint phone built specifically for the hospitality room. Designed to embrace the sleek style of the modern hotel room...[Read More]

The original small footprint hotel phone.

New! E Series USB

Teledex M Series Hotel Phones are available in analog, VoIP, wired and wireless configurations with USB charging ports on both the phone and the RediDock remote control kit that allow charging ...[Read More]

No frills. No extras. Just a quality hotel phone that fits every budget and leaves extra space on your bedside table. Teledex Nugget Series Hotel Phones combine a classic design...[Read More]

For tight spaces, and tighter budgets.

Designed with the world in mind.

Teledex Opal series hotel telephones have a recognizable international design that matches the modern decor of the rooms. The Opal series is available in one or two line configurations...[Read More]

Upgrade your existing hotel telephones with Teledex universal USB charging stations now. No need to disconnect your room phone with a screwdriver or grab pliers. Simply detach the handy adhesive strip and insert the UCD100 charging station...[Read More]

USB charging for existing room phones.