Hotel Room Safes

This Hotel Safe is a high quality security safe designed to hold most laptop computers or other small valuable items such as jewelers...[Read More]

Combining sleek lines and durable design, our Mde Safe is engineered to suit travelers with more, or simply larger, valuables...[Read More]

K-FG600 presents this brand new Electronic Digital Safe. This sturdy 2mm steel safe comes with a flat keypad and key override...[Read More]

A unique, compact design, the top opening drawer safe is ideal when trying to save space. Tucked in a credenza or nightstand...[Read More]

The Mde Safe is installed in many hotels throughout the China including Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, Four Seasons and more...[Read More]

Setting the standard for reliability and affordability, our K-BE800 model safe is an ideal choice when high quality is needed...[Read More]

Specially designed for personal in room use. It’s compact and user friendly, making it an excellent choice for hotels, universities...[Read More]

Our most advanced premium safe line, the K-FG001 electronic safes, are intended for the most demanding hoteliers that...[Read More]

A Brand New Electronic Digital Drawer Hotel Home Safe Box! Electronic Access Safe is heavy-duty steel design, two anchor...[Read More]

K-BE528 in-room safe is the economical choice for hotels to easy secure guest’s belongings. Mde is advanced and economical...[Read More]

The K-JG800 safe is ideal to be used in a Multi-User environment such as a Hotel, Guest house, Nusing Home, Residential Home...[Read More]

K-FGM600 is designed to accommodate an oversized laptop. It has all of the standard features of our other electronic in-room safes...[Read More]