Safe Box K-FG600


The K-FG600 is a brand new Electronic Digital Safe. This sturdy 2mm steel safe comes with a flat keypad and key override system. It is designed for ease of use and uncompromising security. The safe can be easily bolted to the floor, or mounted on a wall or cabinet for convenience and security. It features a magnetic lock for auto-locking without any keys or pin code, and is programmed to time-out after 3 incorrect combination attempts.

Hotel Safe Features:

All Steel Construction

MDE Series Hotel Safes are 100% all steel constructed safes. Unlike our competition, we do not use any plastic body parts

Storage Uses

These safes are great for hotels, homes, dormitories, and locker rooms. Provide protection for personal belongings and small valuables.

Electronic Lock

This advanced battery-operated electronic operate the safe using the keypad. Large LED display shows you the status of your safe.