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Our most advanced premium safe line, the K-FG001 electronic safes, are intended for the most demanding hoteliers that want to enlighten their guests. They are equipped with a soft, backlit ADA keyboard and a clear blue display to simplify the use of the safe. These safe models are available in the traditional front opening mechanism and also in the top opening format.

Core description

For travelers, it can be stressful figuring out how to keep their belongings safe while on the road. Nearly every traveler worries about the likelihood of losing their stuff, either through theft or just simple carelessness in an unfamiliar place. There is a simple solution that your guests will appreciate: room safes. Protect your customers’ valuables while providing a user friendly safe: Mdesafe providing elementary burglary protection for hotel environments.

Hotel Safe Features:


Emergency Reset Code - exclusive online emergency openings management.


Electronic handheld unit.