Project Description

MediaJack-Mini is Bittel’s latest innovation for hotels customized need for compact outlook and powerful functions Mediajack solution. With most popular interfaces and compact outlook of 86mm * 86mm panel mountable on a standard 86mm back box, MediaJack-Mini is emerging as ideal solution for top end hotel and resorts. With wired/wireless music inputs, HDMI video inputs, dual USB chargers compatible with iPads, MediaJack-Mini is a one stop solution for guests demands for power charging, music/audio playing and movie/video watching, thus emerges as the ideal solution for both business and leisure guests.

Model: MediaJack-Mini

Material:  Acrylic surface+Brushed Aluminum Alloy Frame
Color:  Silver, Black, Champagne

Interfaces Illustration

  • HDMI Port (HDMI 1.4)
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Mini Audio Port
  • Dual USB chargers of 0.5A and 2.1 A, compatible for iPad charging.

Unique Features

  • Compact outlook with only 86mm X 86mm Panel, mountable on standard BS/EU standard/86 standard back box.
    No need for extra back box deploying.
  • Unique Acrylic panel plus brushed aluminum alloy frame with multiple colors optional for flexible customization.
  • HDMI port of 1.4 protocol compatible with latest HD 1080P audio/video content.
  • HDMI CEC function of HDMI input makes plug & play a snap.
  • Stereo Bluetooth with A2DL features enables high definition wireless music streaming to TV.
  • Direct pairing of Bluetooth without PINs gives easy usage to guests.
  • Mini Audio Port for cabled audio input for more classic input connection.
  • Dual USB chargers of 0.5A and 2.1 A, ready to charge all kinds of smartphones/tablets, including power-hunger iPad. Samsung/Blackberry/Apple iDevices compatible.

Caution: Cabling to the TV shall be done from TV side to Mediajack-Mini mounting position. PH type HDMI plugs shall be protected from rough handling.