All plastic parts can be recycled and reused. Stainless, rustproof materials and an easy to operate power switch make this minibar a precious accessory for every hotel room. The handle is integrated into the door to save space and allow the fridge to still be opened with one swift movement.

Core description

Mde Hotel Mini Bars adopts Absorption Technology and ammonia water circle for cooling purpose. Absorption Minibar provides the hotel with a high level of comfort with reduced power consumption. Silent and functional, they fit the needs of hotels of every size and category. The Minibars are available in dimensions of 25ltr, 30ltr , 40 ltr and 50ltr. Fitted with height-adjustable shelves making way for convenient storage.

Minibar-Standard Features:


Installation Notes:

The installation of a minibar in a furniture cabinet must be made carefully ensuring proper air circulation through the cooling unit as to facilitate the dispersal of heat. A minimum air space of 10 to 20cm between the minibar and furniture cabinet must be maintained. The above drawings show 4 alternative examples of ventilation duct for reference.

Internal Light

Optional Lock

Temperature Control