The silent mini bar fridges are designed and manufactured for use in hotel bedrooms. The mini bars are available in solid door and glass fronted models and in various sizes and capacities (in Liters). Equipped with a super silent and efficient compressor cooling system and special energy saving system, these mini bars are able to create a comfortable sleeping environment but with a low operation expense in money.

Core description

Mde minibars are available in three different sizes, with solid door or glass door.All models are supplied with key lock and internal LED light. An absorption minibar uses a single heating element and three operation fluids to powere the cooling system which makes it hightly reliable and energy efficient. It is completely silent, environmentally friendly, the system is maintenance-free, and it has an extended service life. It is perfectly suitable for hotels and resorts. Almost all large hotels and hotel chains worldwide use absorption coolers.

Minibar-Standard Features:

Internal Light

Optional Lock

Temperature Control