The Ultra Silent running mini bar will not affect your sleep and you simply do not need to move from the bed or couch in order to reach food or beverages. keeps food and drinks fresh and cool without having to use a commercial refrigerator. Due to its light weight, it can be simply relocated to another area wherever cool drinks are in demand, even the Garden. The Crystal Clear door of the mini bar allows you to always see your stock of the good stuff.

Core description

Absorption minibars use a coolant mix of ammonia/water as opposed to Freon and are almost as effective at cooling. They also use the excess heat produced by the cooling method to drive the process, rather than compressors, significantly lowering electricity costs. Absorption coolers also have minimal moving parts meaning low noise and less vibration than mechanical refrigerators. Mirror glass door refrigerators appear in people's lives with an elegant and high-grade vision, especially in 5-star hotels, which are irreplaceable by other refrigerators.

Minibar-Standard Features:

Minibar-Specific project options:

Example of installation with absorption minibar

Installation Notes:

The installation of a minibar in a furniture cabinet must be made carefully ensuring proper air circulation through the cooling unit as to facilitate the dispersal of heat. A minimum air space of 10 to 20cm between the minibar and furniture cabinet must be maintained. The above drawings show 4 alternative examples of ventilation duct for reference.

Optional Lock

Temparature Control

Internal light