MDE mini bars are available in different capacities to suit your cabinet fittings. They come complete with LED interior lighting as well as quality lock. They are engineered and built to last. Purchasing a Reinn silent mini bar is a long-term investment in quality. Every one is built to withstand rugged, day-to-day use and to last the life of the installation.

Core description

A full range of minibars with extremely elegant design and able to guarantee maximum silence together with extremely reduced power consumption, a more sophisticated electronic system to optimize refrigerator operation, combined with a next-generation absorption unit. Available in three different ranges to meet all style and installation needs: First: the possibility to have a panel door in different colour solutions for coordination with different surroundings. Second: especially recommended for built-in solutions. Available with or without sliding hinge. Third: a fully transparent glass door and new LED lighting inside create a truly eye-catching style effect that will also encourage consumption.

Minibar-Standard Features:

Internal Light

Optional Lock

Temperature Control